Relocation Operation in Beranda Mumbul Area

Dog lovers living in Beranda Mumbul Garden requested our assistance to save stray dogs as proposal for elimination of stray dogs in their neighbourhood submitted by a few other local residents got approved by the government and elimination operation was scheduled.


XX Stray dogs were captured and relocated.

XX got adopted.

XX are still fostered.

XX joined our shelter.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

There are still a lot more to do for relocated dogs so they can continue their live in acceptable situation and therefore there are plenty of space for you to contribute.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to lend a hand.

Follow Up Activities

Medical Treatments

Many of captured strays are having various health problems. Some are treated on spot, others are taken to clinic. Severe conditions require weeks of intensive care and hospitalisation. Both cases are then needs further special handling in our shelter.


Simple yet demanding approach is required to educate local residents to both taking a good care of dogs they own and live safely with stray dogs. Education is the only way to eliminate their motivation to eliminate stray dogs in their neighbourhood.


Both owned and stray dogs are sterilised to control population. In certain cases, getting owner agree to have their dog sterilised take quite an exhaustive approach. On-spot free sterilisation for dogs owned by local residents are supported by Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Center (BARC).


With supply provided by the Government of Badung Regency bot relocated strays and dogs owned by local residents got rabies vaccination. They also got government-provided official collar to mark that they have been vaccinated and therefore will be saved from possible elimination operation in the future.