Since early of September 2017, the volcanic activity of the sacred Mount Agung has continuously escalating. On September 25th, the government announced the highest level of danger and instructed the residents of 27 villages around the volcano to be evacuated. As people are evacuated to hundreds of shelters, the governments started to evacuate cattle, the most valuable possessions of most evacuation refugees. Whilst a few are brought along, most domestic animals, especially dogs and cats, are left behind.

Whilst most of those animals – especially dogs and cats – are released so they can go out, they have been house pets since they were born and therefore are not used to hunting their own food. Being left for an unpredictable period means starving. We are also seeing cases that aggressive dogs like pitbulls remain caged, having no way to look for their own food and water nor to run away of harm.

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At the moment we have a base camp in Padang Bai where all of our Mount Agung animal rescue activities are coordinated. At the same place we also set up a shelter that can accommodate puppies (medium size breed like Bali dogs up to about 6 months old), small dogs, and cats. If you are interested to drop some donation, join us as a volunteer, or interested to adopt or foster evacuated animal, this is the place to go. The location is very safe, at the southern part of Karangasem Regenci, about 20 kilometer from Mount Agung. The government’s central base camp of Tanah Ampo is only a few kilometers away.

Direction to Reach Our Base Camp

Head to the direction of Candidasa then turn right toward Padang Bai ferry port and take another 500m drive. The first large three-story building on the left-hand side is our base camp. Next door is Dewi Villa. If you use Google Map to lead your way, search for Dewi Villa Padang Bai. You will not miss it. No other large building along the street down to the port gate.

Quick Facts | Sept 8th 2017

Evacuated: TBA (dogs, cats, macaques, chicken, birds)
Hospitalised: TBA | Adopted: TBA | Fostered: TBA | In Our Shelter: TBA

Distributed food: TBA sacks of 25kg
Served area: TBA (out of 27 affected villages)

Contact us if you are interested to adopt.

Join Us to Help Mount Agung Animals

There are various way you can do to join our effort. First and foremost is apparently by becoming a volunteer of Mount Agung animal rescue. Involved in teams to drive up to abandoned villages to feed and evacuate left animals. If you are not in position to physically present, your donation can make a significant impact.

Donation can be made by:

Bank transfer to:
Bank: BCA
Swift code: CENAIDJA (often required for offshore transfer)
Account #: 0402594274
Beneficiary name: Tyo Ros


Non-monetary donation can be sent to:

BaliRUSS Basecamp for Mount Agung Animal Rescue
Jalan Pelabuhan Padang Bai (approx. 1km before the ferry port)
Right next to Dewi Villa Padang Bai

Denpasar Drop Off Point
Fuji Professional Photo (Contact Person: Vonny)
Jl. Diponegoro No. 84 Denpasar
Phone: +628158158000

Sanur Drop Off Point
Swastika Minimart (Contact Person: Oka)
Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 46 Sanur
Phone: +628113803037

Mount Agung Animal Rescue Activities

Those that left behind are mostly house pets. They are not used to hunt for food. Even as they are not tied and caged, they depend on their owners to feed them. What if the volcano finally erupt? Not all of them are physically strong enough to run away from harm. Some of them are sick, to old, to young, pregnant, taking care of babies. Some of them are naturally weak i.e. small breed dogs. Some of them are locked in cage as the owners consider them to dangerous to wander outside i.e. pit bull.

Working hand in hand with a feet of animal loving volunteers we try our best to help them.

Mount Agung Animal Feeding


Everyday groups of volunteers drive up to abandoned villages in red zone area to feed both pets and strays. Dog food, cat food, as well as food for chicken and common type of birds, are brought up along with fresh water. They also carry additional mission, spotting animals that need certain follow up, medication or immediate relocation.

Mount Agung Animal Evacuation


Whilst we want to evacuate as many animals as we can, we are facing severe resource limitation. At the moment we limit evacuation to those considered too weak to protect themselves. Old and sick animals, breastfeeding females, puppies, small breeds, and caged animals. We are critically need adequate shelter for adult dogs.

Mount Agung Animal Medication


Sick animals are considered weak and immediately evacuated to our shelter. As at the moment we do not have both adequate medical facilities as well as stand-by vets, in most cases we bring them to vet clinic right away. Only when their condition improves and intensive observation is no longer essential, we bring them back to our shelter.